Why I am definitelygendered

In keeping with the theme of “gender” as our monikers I have chosen the title of definitelygendered. As a straight girl who has never really questioned her identity, nor felt the need to, I found myself struggling to come up with a name that would encapsulate my feelings on my own gender, without making me seem…close-minded. Because I like to think I’m not. What I am, is a newbie to the entire concept that gender is (or could be) entirely constructed.

I grew up in the country, with my feminist mother, mostly sheltered from the outside world. Growing up I loved dresses, dolls, cooking, and the colour pink. I also loved catching frogs in the pond, playing soccer, making potions, and going on adventures in the woods surrounding my home. In this way I don’t think I was classically gendered (as society would see it). I was always comfortable as me, with thoughts of gender coming in second, if at all.

From what I’ve read in regards to trans* communities, I’ve been tossing around the label of cisgender/sexual, seeing if it fit. While my first reaction would be to say YES! that is me, the somewhat negative connotations that can come with the label have given me pause. If I were to label myself as cis* I would also have to clarify that I see cis* as being something that exists in harmony with trans*, not something that denies or ignores trans* communities.

In comparison with my fellow bloggers, I suppose I could be seen as the most comfortable in my gender (I don’t know guys, is that right word?). I hope that someday I won’t need to rely on labels to express myself—I know, trite. But it is what I hope. Because when I think of myself, I don’t think female,male,trans…I just think me. However, this lack of attention I pay to my gender could precisely be because I am comfortable with the label of female, woman, straight.

It was with this last thought in mind that I chose the moniker definitelygendered.

~ by definitelygendered on April 15, 2010.

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